Friday, June 18, 2010

Things Getting Broken Just Happens............

Our old apple tree

Last year our weather was cool and our garden did not do so well. This year I am hoping for a better harvest. But we have had so much rain that my raised beds are soaked. I know many other parts of the country are not getting much rain. But we are and we almost always get more than our share of rain and snow. So for the most part, our garden should be doing well, but.............well, it needs sunshine too! Sun is shining today!

This morning our horse, Tawny has ruined the water bucket holder in the barn. For no reason she will go over to the water buckets and dump them over. Dark Shadow and Georgie Girl will never do that. You could put the buckets right outside under a tree and they will drink out of them but never dump them. In fact, Georgie Girl will not drink with anything in her mouth so she can keep the water in the bucket clean. She loves clean water. So my husband ended up building a bucket holder this afternoon out of scraps of wood and salvaged nails. Now we will see how long it will last. I know they will chew on the wood. But he may be able to come up with an idea in the meantime that would be more permanent.

Things happen wherever you live or whatever you do. Many times things wear out or break. Nothing you can do about it. And if you have animals or other people, or even your own self, things get broken, lost or ruined. It is not worth getting yourself all upset over. My first husband would get so mad if something was broken. If I had to tell him an item was broke and needed to be fixed he'd just lose it. It was so bad that sometimes I wouldn't tell him for weeks about something not being usable. I had this one car that I drove only during the winter as my other car was stored for the winter. This car kept having flat tires. He did not change tires at all. So pretty soon our local car repair man would send a tow truck to pick up the car and take it to their shop to fix the tire. He paid for it. I guess he'd rather do that than change the tire himself.

I have been working on another blog. It is fictional. I started it just for fun back in December. I have been having so much fun writing it. It is about a young girl in the 1800's being told by her parents that she will be getting married. I found photographs in the public domain to put on it. Now she seems so real to me. It is amazing what those photos did to my ability to write this blog. If you would like to view it and read it you can find it here: The Enduring Word and if you like it please sign up to follow it.

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