Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Case Protects My Kindle Fire!

My Kindle Fire

After having my new Kindle Fire for a month, I can still say, that I love it and have not found one problem with it. It works like an absolute charm. I have always read a lot, but I am reading twice as much now. Finding books in Amazon's kindle store daily. Every morning, I charge the battery, usually when the generator is running. Mainly, I use it for reading. You can play music or videos on it as well as go onto the internet with it. You can also send documents to your kindle as they give you a special email address for it. I have not watched a video or sent myself a document yet.

Timbuk2 Kindle and Kindle Touch ENVELOPE SLEEVE

My husband ordered the sleeve that protects it when he bought the kindle fire. So I have kept it stored in there whenever I am not using it. I am very careful with it and this makes it easy to take good care of it. My review of the sleeve is now on Amazon, which I wrote this morning. I could not believe that someone said it does not fit the Kindle Fire. It fits perfectly! I am thinking of adding my customer images to prove it.

My Kindle Fire fits right inside the sleeve!

I have been reading a lot of free books available in the Kindle Store on Amazon. Amazon urged the authors to put their books up for free for a short period and that would get their books out there and getting read. I don't know if that type of promotion works or not for the authors. I did not choose to do it with my books since I already am offering them for .99. Seems to be low enough already. But I did snap up some good books to read where the authors took advantage of that.

It fits right inside with a little room left over!

One more accessory I need for it, will be JBuds J5 Earbud-style Metal Headphones for Kindle Fire. Then I could listen to music by not disturbing my husband when he is watching videos or asleep. There is quite a bit of very good music for free on Amazon also. So I now have two new albums. One is Native American flutes, which I love. The other other is gospel hymns and that is outstanding. I cannot believe all the free content available on Amazon for the Kindle Fire! Keeps me reading...........

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