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More Than Gingerbread - German Recipes!

From Lucky Charm To Christmas Delight

Last year, I met someone, Paula Bowser, who has become a very good friend of mine. I have never met her in person. Though I have high hopes of meeting her in the future. She is from Germany and is so knowledgeable in many things. I have learned a lot from her and her blogs. When I first met her, she was in Germany and planning to come to the United States to get married to her long time beau. All of our gang, on The Redhead Riter's Community, on The Blogfrog, was pretty excited for her! We are a group of close internet friends, that seems to go beyond the computer world.

This year, Paula Bowser has written an eBook, From Lucky Charm To Christmas Delight, of the recipes she had compiled of German goodies for her new American husband. This book is special to me because my husband, was stationed in Germany when he was in the service in the seventies, and told me of the delicious German foods, and especially, the desserts.

My Kindle Fire

Now her eBook is in the kindle store at Amazon! It is easy to get the app there for people who do not own a book reader and would like to have it on their computer. Amazon has Free Kindle Reading Apps so you can buy or get free eBooks to read on your computer. Lots of good ones too!

German Lebkuchen (gingerbread) and Christmas Cookies Recipes! Exquisite, homemade delights adding to the festive spirit in your home! 

You will bake original German gingerbread with the gift of the deities - honey! Surprise your family with "Stollen" and your knowledge about its 500 years history. Learn how to make "Baumkuchen", the king of cakes; or why pepper cookies are seldom made with pepper!

Passed on from generation to generation by German families now living in America. Collected and "handwritten" in the year 2011, by Paula Bowser, newcomer to the USA!  She says, "Now celebrating Christmas in my new home country. I love to share this collection, traditions and stories with you!" 

In her book:

Honey – Gift of the Deities
Lebkuchen (gingerbread)
From Lucky Charm to Christmas Delight
Stollen Recipes
With a Hint of History
X- mas Cake Recipe
Festive Tart Recipe
Triple C – Christmas Chocolate Cake
Baumkuchen – The King of Cake
Christmas Cookies Recipes
Why Pepper Cookies aren't made with Pepper!
Step by Step Guide – Gingerbread House
Modern Gingerbread Magic - Desserts
German Christmas Traditions
Tips & Tricks & Resources

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