Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Did Not Affect Us

This morning at Peaceful Forest Homestead!

I was a bit scared yesterday, as we were in the direct path of the hurricane, Sandy. He was supposed to hit Binghamton, NY, around 8:00PM. Binghamton is about 30 miles south of us. It is scary when you see the photos on the internet of all the damage it did and read all the reports of what to expect. Sometimes it is easier to get through something like that without knowing so many facts! Besides there wasn't much more we could do about it than what we did.

No trees came down on our new shed!

My husband secured our new metal shed so hopefully, it wouldn't blow away. It is full of the furniture we got from my father's house and I am kind of sentimental about it. We bought the shed to store the furniture until my son gets his new place and then he will take the furniture. My husband also has some things in there that he doesn't want to lose. So we really did not want any damage to the shed or the contents.

Big trees directly across the road from our house!

The other worry I had was about trees falling on our house, truck, the shed or one of our horses. Not much we can do about that happening. We didn't have any trees fall or any trouble at all. The people in areas closer to the coast line had a much worse story to tell. In Queens, 50 homes that had flooded burned! 50 homes! That is a lot of people without their homes and belongings. I pray for them and everyone who was affected by this hurricane.

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All Photographs Copyright © 2012  Kathleen G. Lupole

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