Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Firewood Supply Arrives At Peaceful Forest

Our Load Arrives! 

Yesterday our load of logs arrived for our firewood supply. This is the first year that we have purchase our firewood. We decided that we have cut enough wood from our own property for now. Living in the forest, surrounded by trees, makes it easy to just cut a tree for firewood. But we do not want to clear our forest anymore than we have.

Unloading logs!

My husband had talked to the logger a few days ago. Yesterday, he called and said he had our load on his truck. Oh boy! We were all excited to hear that! When he drove up with those logs we all hurried out to see the load. I was not disappointed!

Our firewood pile!

"That is all our logs?" I asked my husband. "Yes," he answered. I could not believe that was only one load. It looked like more than one load. I think we got a lot of logs for our money. It was fascinating to watch the logs be unloaded. We sat outside watching the logs being unloaded. I am very happy with our choice of loggers too, as he is right in our area. He gave us a good amount of wood for our money.

My son, enjoying his firewood work yesterday!

Now all my husband has to do is cut the wood and split it. He does not mind doing that. In fact, he kind of likes it. The wood pile is not far from our front door so hauling it will be much easier. We can bring it in through the front door which is not far from our hearth and wood stove. Come on winter! We are ready!

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