Monday, April 06, 2015

Praying For My Niece Amy, Please Join Me

Today my request for all my readers is to lift my precious niece, Amy Foster, up for healing prayers. Tomorrow she will be undergoing an operation for doctors to try to make repairs on her neck. She was in terrible accident when her family was traveling from NY to WV to spend the Easter week-end with her parents and other family. Her husband, Kevin was driving and their six children were all fastened securely in their car seats. The car seats saved their lives. Unfortunately though, Amy broke her neck. The doctors at the trauma unit said it was the worst break they had ever seen!

Angie & Amy are the twins, Jill and Lisa and each of their youngest children

Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes on Facebook and Homesteading Families forum. I really appreciate it. I just have to believe God will get Amy and Kevin through this ordeal. She means so much to our family. Her and Angie were so quiet and faithful waiting for the right man to begin their families. God made them wait, because he had the BEST in mind for them. I saw them both blossom into confident wives and mothers. I noticed it immediately. Especially the first time I saw Amy and Kevin after they had Gunnar. Amy had grown as a person, a woman, a wife and mother. I believe somehow God will see her through this. Do not give up on her! Keep praying! I have read some promising testimonies and hope we will have a story to tell when this is over. 

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