Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Social Interaction

Social Interaction

Many studies are cited that state people who are loners or introverts without much social interaction die younger than others who are more social. I do not believe those studies one bit. I see more stress and anger created by social interaction than anything else. Of course you love your family and friends and often put up with a lot more from them, that you would from other people. I believe the studies done and included in publications and other places are meant to make you join in, as our government tries to steer us toward being collectives or one world government. Doing their best to make all people of all countries, being the same person, as far as their individualism goes. Same as people following each other on Facebook and you read what they write or think, then you start believing it yourself. Not me, for sure. I am not that type of person. I have always been one to make my own path, however right or wrong it may be. It is mine.

Fast Food

It brings to mind the studies done on steering us toward high carb diets, low fat foods, processed foods, drinking soda, using sugar and white flour products. Now everyone knows or should know, those foods were making us sick and eventually killing us. Why did they do that? Money, greed and power. Sick people make money for big pharma. If you don't believe me, read the book The Big Pharma Conspiracy, The Drugging of America for Fast Profits by Max Fitzer.

My Favorite Place

On a more personal level, I feel healthier and happier with no social interaction at all. I have 588 friends on Facebook and my interaction with them is in my control. With a flip of a button I can be instantly alone and away from the hot topic of the day. Tomorrow they will be on to something else. During canning season, I check my eBay sales and then I am off it for the day. When I didn't have an eBay store, except for writing my blogs and eBooks I had no need to be online so much. At the moment eBay takes up most of my time online. I had badly neglected my blogs and recently have been trying to bring them back. The older posts need to be updated and revised and of course, I always need to be adding new content.

I hate driving in traffic!

After a day of social interaction on Facebook, when we have shut our computers off for the night, I let out a sigh of relief. It almost feels like a day spent fighting traffic on the Long Island Expressway during rush hour (though I can happily say, that it has been many, many years since I have been there). Some people may need social gatherings, buy not all people do. I remember my father's doctor urged him to go to a senior dinner near his house because he was alone. He went and he looked around and said "Wow, these people are old." Most in bad health and sickly looking. He was probably older than most of them. He never went back and lived to be 93 years old.  He was working on a carburetor in his garage the day he had a stroke that would eventually lead to his passing less than a month later. He was happy and didn't need social interaction either. I am quite content with my life the way it is and like my social interaction to be with the people I choose on my computer. If I don't know the people in person, it doesn't really matter. When you write back and forth to someone, I feel you get to know them much better.


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