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I have lived on an off-the-grid homestead with my husband and assorted critters in the middle of the state forest in upstate NY since 1999. We were trying to live a self-sufficient life as much as possible in these times. Contrary to popular belief.....we are not living old fashioned, but as my husband likes to say, "of the future." Blending high tech with ways of old for a peaceful, stress free existence. It is called "Modern Homesteading!"

I have been blogging since 2005 here on Blogger with this blog. Before that I had one on the old Yahoo360. I believe they are all gone now. I don't think I realized the potential of blogging when I first started. I have always liked writing and have always kept diaries, journals and just wrote. 

In 2002, I had an article published in Countryside & Small Stock Journal and I had so many people contacting me after that. It led to me meeting some good friends. I also discovered there were many people who wanted to live "beyond the sidewalks" as J.D. Belanger, publisher of Countryside & Small Stock Journal always said.

Then I joined Homesteading Today, which was THE forum for all homesteaders or want-to-be homesteaders. My friend, Cathy, aka HillTop Daisy introduced me to it and I have been a member ever since. Through Homesteading Today, I met a group of modern day homesteaders who are all from New York state and we get together every now and then. Though I am not longer an active member there, I do go back from time to time. I made a lot of friends and try to check on them.

The modern homesteading network is huge, worldwide, and now through Facebook, and blogging, more and more of them are coming of the internet age and speaking up. More and more of the main public are also admitting to wanting to know more about this lifestyle, even if it is only for emergencies.......Hey, that's a start!!! You've got to start somewhere! 

Presently, I write several blogs. If you are interested in my alternative energy system and want to ask questions about that, please go to Solar Baby. That is my blog about our system detailing how we built it, and how you can live with a small one that you build slowly over time, as money allows. Living off-the-grid does not have to be expensive, if you do it as you can afford it.

I will be changing the focus of this blog as I change my own lifestyle. Homesteading is great when you are young and if you get prepared for life after you age. We did not. My life here is not what I want anymore and I am making those changes soon. I will be writing about it here.

So if you need to contact me or you would just like to tell me about your homestead, feel free to contact me on my FaceBook page at Homesteading on the Internet.

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