Thursday, May 21, 2015

Growing Rabbit Food Is Good For People Too!

Mmmmm! Dandelions!

After fourteen weeks of having a pet rabbit in the house, known now, as a house rabbit, I can honestly say, that I love having him in the house. He entertains us constantly and keeps us both laughing. A house rabbit, or rather, our house rabbit is so easy to take care of. I belong to the House Rabbit Society Facebook page and I read about other rabbits who aren't so easy. Of course, most of those bunnies are rescues who come from abuse or neglect in their first homes. Our little guy, "Rabbit" probably wasn't in that type of situation. I believe he was being raised as a meat rabbit somewhere. Probably outside in a hutch or fenced area and hutch with other bunnies.

Rabbit food is all over!

Since spring is now definitely here, we have an abundance of fresh greens for our little guy. He loves it when I come in the house and say to him, "Look what I just got for you." He knows what that means, as he eagerly waits for me to put it down in front of him. One thing I do for him is to cut a young a blackberry cane that has the little buds on it. Then I remove every thorn off it. I read that it is okay to let him eat the thorns, but not my bunny! I don't want him to stick himself with a sharp thorn.

An edible flower, violets, are good for people too!

Rabbit loves oats. I have been feeding him old fashioned oats like you would use for oatmeal. He loves these. I tried the quick oats by mistake and he didn't like those. He also doesn't like it if they are too dusty. So far, the ones I am feeding him are the Quaker Oats as they are really the best quality. Along with whatever we have for salad and some kale keeps him happy. I am starting my garden and already have some lettuce coming. I planted a large bed of kale and hope to have it coming in soon.

Parisienne Carrots

Last year was the first year we ever had carrots come in. I believe it was due to the fact that when I placed my order at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, they sent me a free package of an heirloom carrot called Parisienne. It grows short and blocky. In NY, our ground is packed with rocks. I don't mean small rocks either. BIG! It is hard for root crops to grow properly unless you clean it out good. Carrots like room to move and plenty of space. These carrots didn't need any more space than what was in the raised bed. I am going to fill one of my beds with carrots, I hope. Rabbit of course, loved these carrots. So did I. Carrots is one of my favorite vegetables and having a harvest of them would be great. Rabbits aren't so hard to feed since they basically eat what is good for us too...........rabbit food!

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