Thursday, May 21, 2015

Growing Rabbit Food Is Good For People Too!

Mmmmm! Dandelions!

After fourteen weeks of having a pet rabbit in the house, known now, as a house rabbit, I can honestly say, that I love having him in the house. He entertains us constantly and keeps us both laughing. A house rabbit, or rather, our house rabbit is so easy to take care of. I belong to the House Rabbit Society Facebook page and I read about other rabbits who aren't so easy. Of course, most of those bunnies are rescues who come from abuse or neglect in their first homes. Our little guy, "Rabbit" probably wasn't in that type of situation. I believe he was being raised as a meat rabbit somewhere. Probably outside in a hutch or fenced area and hutch with other bunnies.

Rabbit food is all over!

Since spring is now definitely here, we have an abundance of fresh greens for our little guy. He loves it when I come in the house and say to him, "Look what I just got for you." He knows what that means, as he eagerly waits for me to put it down in front of him. One thing I do for him is to cut a young a blackberry cane that has the little buds on it. Then I remove every thorn off it. I read that it is okay to let him eat the thorns, but not my bunny! I don't want him to stick himself with a sharp thorn.

An edible flower, violets, are good for people too!

Rabbit loves oats. I have been feeding him old fashioned oats like you would use for oatmeal. He loves these. I tried the quick oats by mistake and he didn't like those. He also doesn't like it if they are too dusty. So far, the ones I am feeding him are the Quaker Oats as they are really the best quality. Along with whatever we have for salad and some kale keeps him happy. I am starting my garden and already have some lettuce coming. I planted a large bed of kale and hope to have it coming in soon.

Parisienne Carrots

Last year was the first year we ever had carrots come in. I believe it was due to the fact that when I placed my order at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, they sent me a free package of an heirloom carrot called Parisienne. It grows short and blocky. In NY, our ground is packed with rocks. I don't mean small rocks either. BIG! It is hard for root crops to grow properly unless you clean it out good. Carrots like room to move and plenty of space. These carrots didn't need any more space than what was in the raised bed. I am going to fill one of my beds with carrots, I hope. Rabbit of course, loved these carrots. So did I. Carrots is one of my favorite vegetables and having a harvest of them would be great. Rabbits aren't so hard to feed since they basically eat what is good for us too...........rabbit food!

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All Photographs Copyright © 2015 Kathleen G. Lupole

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Funds For Amy

Kevin & Amy Foster

I want to thank everyone for their prayers, good thoughts and comments about Amy, my niece, who was in an accident on April 3rd. If you don't know about it, please read my previous posts, Praying For My Niece, Amy, Please Join Me and Amy Foster In Surgery Today. I am sure you all know the horrific expenses an accident such as this incurs. Amy's husband, Kevin is a hardworking man and provides well for Amy and their six children. Amy is a stay at home mom, who is happiest being a homemaker and raising her children. She also home schools them. Kevin has his own business which he started when he was very young. When other teenagers were out having fun, he was working. He built up a successful lawn mowing and tree removal business, and snowplowing during the snowy months (which is many in NY state).

Amy & Angie Noyes

Today I am asking for any size donation you can give. Even if it is only ten dollars. If you are unable to give a donation yourself, can I ask you to please share this post with others, that may be able to join us in raising funds for Amy?  Many churches across the country and maybe some around the world, have taken up collections to assist Amy and Kevin, in paying these medical expenses. Kevin will need help in other expenses that will come in the future, such as transporting Amy back to their home in NY, making their home handicap accessible, a handicap vehicle, just to name a few.

Jill, Lisa, Amy & Angie Noyes with cousins, Hollie & Jeffrey Lupole

Please visit the gofundme page that has been set up for funds for Amy and donate what you can today! Please share my post with others and feel free to post this blog post on your blog, social media pages or websites. Thank you so much! Let's keep Amy focused on recuperating and not worrying about how Kevin is going to pay for this. Above all, please keep praying for Amy's recovery!

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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Amy Foster In Surgery Today

The Foster Family

It struck me this morning, that I had requested prays for my niece, Amy Noyes Foster, that maybe I needed to tell everyone what a wonderful young woman she is. My sister-in-law, Pat and her husband, Tim, home schooled and raised four beautiful daughters. They taught them values that you don't see much anymore. I remember when I first met them. My husband, Larry, took me to his family reunion that year in 1993. When we arrived, his sister, Pat and her daughters rushed out to meet me and welcome me. I lost the feeling of nervousness I had about meeting his family all at once like that.

The Lupole Family

As teens, all four of my nieces, Lisa, Jill, Amy and Angie were at my in-laws' home often when we came there. They would come for music lessons that my mother-in-law taught them. Not just piano lessons, but a variety of different instruments. Music was a big part of their lives and still is, as they play music in their churches and teach their children the same. I was impressed spending my first holidays with my husband's family and instead of turning on a football game, everyone was playing music and singing. My mother-in-law's legacy to her family.

Twins, Amy & Angie

Lisa married first, with Jill not far behind. Soon they began their families. The twins, Amy and Angie were hopeful that soon they would be married and starting their families soon. They had to wait. They were patient, but they really wanted to have their own families. All of the girls just love children, just as their mother does. So they babysat other people's children and waited some more.

Jordan, Angie, Amy & Kevin

Needless to say, God was in charge and their time came. Amy married Kevin and soon Angie married Jordan. One of the most amazing things about this story, is that Amy and Kevin have four daughters, with their oldest and youngest being their sons. Angie and Jordan have just the opposite, four sons with their oldest and youngest being their daughters! Wonder if that has anything to do with being identical twins?

Tim & Pat Noyes' Family 

Even though they all live in different places, most holidays they find the way to get together. This family is very special and caring. They reach out to others constantly. Tim and Pat are to be commended for the family they raised. All of their daughters are sweet, loving and caring young women who have carried that tradition on in their own families. Please keep the prayers coming for Amy, as she is undergoing the operation at this moment to fix her broken neck. Thank you for all the kind words and the prayers! We really appreciate each one.

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Monday, April 06, 2015

Praying For My Niece Amy, Please Join Me

Today my request for all my readers is to lift my precious niece, Amy Foster, up for healing prayers. Tomorrow she will be undergoing an operation for doctors to try to make repairs on her neck. She was in terrible accident when her family was traveling from NY to WV to spend the Easter week-end with her parents and other family. Her husband, Kevin was driving and their six children were all fastened securely in their car seats. The car seats saved their lives. Unfortunately though, Amy broke her neck. The doctors at the trauma unit said it was the worst break they had ever seen!

Angie & Amy are the twins, Jill and Lisa and each of their youngest children

Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes on Facebook and Homesteading Families forum. I really appreciate it. I just have to believe God will get Amy and Kevin through this ordeal. She means so much to our family. Her and Angie were so quiet and faithful waiting for the right man to begin their families. God made them wait, because he had the BEST in mind for them. I saw them both blossom into confident wives and mothers. I noticed it immediately. Especially the first time I saw Amy and Kevin after they had Gunnar. Amy had grown as a person, a woman, a wife and mother. I believe somehow God will see her through this. Do not give up on her! Keep praying! I have read some promising testimonies and hope we will have a story to tell when this is over. 

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Planning Our Garden Now

Summer 2014

Spring has started here in New York with a fury of cold weather and snow. That is not unheard of. Though most people forget that. I take this time to get some chores and projects finished in my house since soon I will be into gardening season. I am making a lot of plans for our new garden. We are adding some fruit sources to our homestead this year. I regret doing it so late, but better late than never, as the saying goes.

Some of our raised beds

This morning I took the time to make a list of the herbs and flowers I need to add to our garden. I have spent so much time cultivating the vegetables that I don't have any area devoted strictly to the medicinal and culinary plants we need. One stone raised bed has two trees in it and I am hoping my husband sees it in his heart (with all the other projects he is waiting for the weather to warm up so he can tackle)  to take those trees down. One tree has my clothesline attached to it. He wants to change that set up so that is no problem.

The Snake Bed

That raised bed we refer to as the snake bed, not because it has snakes (though it does), but because of the shape. Long and curling. I think it would be a good spot for the medicinal and culinary plants. And one section for the asparagus bed. This year I plan on increasing our greens and salad vegetables. I don't even know if I will bother with squashes as I have a huge amount canned. If I do, I will plant only one or two plants of winter and summer varieties. Probably zucchini and one winter type.

Nutmeg's Garden

I have a special bed (called Nutmeg's Garden) for lemon balm because it takes over the whole bed. Last year it got plowed under by mistake and I didn't have much of a crop. That was okay though, as the years before it was too much for me to harvest or handle. I am thinking that if I have it growing that much again, I will offer it for sale. It is a good medicinal plant. The leaves can used fresh or dried for fevers, period cramps, headaches, colds, insomnia and other uses to many to mention here. I wrote about it in a past post, Lemon Balm: Food or Medicine. What special plans are you making for your 2015 garden? Don't forget the herbs!

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All Photographs Copyright © 2015 Kathleen G. Lupole

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rabbit Loves A Challenge


I wrote in my previous posts about our pet rabbit. I learn from him (and all my pets actually) every day (I call it  Pet Lessons.). He loves a challenge! He will keep at something over and over until he accomplishes it. Many people don't do that. Rabbit hated the bathroom being blocked off from him. I had put a board in front of the door (that I thought he couldn't jump over.......silly me!) and he kept sizing it up for a jump. Soon he was over it and I took the board down. One challenge over, time for a new one.

Working with Rabbit

Our stairs are pretty steep in our house. Sometimes, I can't go up them due to my bad knees. I never pictured Rabbit going up and down the stairs. Soon he was halfway up. A few days later, he was all the way up. He hasn't gone back up there, but I think when my husband moves his studio up there, Rabbit will up there a lot more. He likes to lay near my husband's feet (like a dog does) when he is on the computer. The thing I learned is to never give up. This little guy has been through a lot in his short life. Does it hold him back? Nope. He does what he must to accomplish whatever he is trying to do.

Jumping Down

The day before yesterday, Rabbit had a new goal. He wanted to jump onto my husband's lap while he was on the computer. He tried twice, but fell. Both times my husband wasn't paying attention to him and wasn't able to help him. Rabbit kept at it until he jumped right up on his lap. He bumped his head on the desk, but he was very happy to have made it. After that, he concentrated on the jump down. He didn't want my husband to put him down. He had to do it himself. Then it was up and down a few times that day. His day yesterday, was a whole other story which I will share soon.

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All Photographs Copyright © 2015 Kathleen G. Lupole