Thursday, December 04, 2008

Solar Baby - My New Site!

I have been very busy here. One of the things taking up much of my time has been designing my new website. It is and my goal with it is to bring all the informtion to you and my other readers who may be interested in setting up their own systems. You can always start small like we did. Or you can even still be on the grid and just supplement your power with a small system. Cuts your electric bill. Plus it teaches you and your family how to live with a system and conserve your power. You will also love the fact that when your power company has an outage you will not. All the neighbors will see your house all lit up and your tv might end up with company!

Another thing that has happened to me last week is that I have been looking for more than a few years now for a very close friend of mine. We lost touch with each back in the 1980s. Maybe 1985 or so. Anyway, she was living on Long Island and my then husband and I split up and I moved. So even if she came looking for me, I wasn't there. I signed up with a few of those search for people places, and nothing ever showed up. I put an ad in the pennysavers and newspapers and never heard a thing. I did find someone with the same exact name who lived out on Long Island and sent her a letter and waited........and waited. Never heard back. I was bummed out on that.

Then back in July I posted on craigslist under the lost ads. Nothing. A few days before Thanksgiving I posted some items for sale on craigslist again.......and something told me to post another lost ad for her. Well I did. Then forgot about it. Thanksgiving Day I went to shut my computer down to finish up the Thanksgiving Dinner I was cooking and there was an email from craigslist! It said, "She is my sister. What is your name?" I sent back and next thing I know she sent me her telephone number! Needless to say, we FINALLY talked to each other. And she came over on Sunday after church and spent the day here. We were looking at photos and laughing and crying all day.

You know the funniest thing about this whole story........she lives 14 miles from my home and has lived there almost as long as I have lived here. Plus everytime I drive to the nearest city of Binghamton, NY, I drive right past her house! So strange. We even go to some of the same stores. She said she didn't look for me as she was afraid I was living that life on "snob hill" and she would not fit in to my life. That tells you how much my life has changed. I told her "wait till you come to my house." You never would believe that I lived that lifestyle unless you knew me back then. So she saw a huge difference in my life now. But she also said, even though she is not into homesteading herself, she said we are headed in the right direction. And I say, "Yes, we are!"

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Have a nice day!

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