Friday, July 16, 2010

Chill Out Winter Will Be Back!

Our Bridge Across Ludlow Creek

Everyone is complaining about how hot and humid it is right now. Yes, it is July and it is supposed to be that way. But winter will be back pretty quick and everyone will be complaining about it. For me, winter is easier than summer. I still love my garden and all, but it is much work. I will be canning pretty soon. As soon as my green beans start producing, as they are flowering right now. The bees were busy there this morning. So I thought I would post some photos I took in the winter...........some this past winter...........some from other winters.

Tawny, enjoying the snow!

My horses love winter. They especially love snow. Winter time means the paddock is firm as it is frozen so they can run and play. In the summer, if it rains a lot then it is muddy, which they hate. Or there are lots of bugs chasing them and the sun is hot. They stay inside the barn all summer during the day and only come out at night. They would rather be ridden and worked with in the winter.

Our dog, Nikita hates summer too. She loves to roll in the snow and will lay right down in it and stay for a half hour or more. In the summer, she holes up in the living room and stays still, barely even eats. The cats sleep too, but they love heat and summer. In my opinion, a cat can never be too hot!

Ludlow Creek In The Winter

In winter I can cook foods all day, slowly on my wood heating stove. It is a HUGE wood stove. I am not kidding! It will hold four of the biggest canners on it at the same time, and still have room left over. In the winter I cook dishes that get better the longer they cook. I call it my microwave and crock pot as it works both ways. You can also bake potatoes by putting them in the fire for about 10 minutes. Take them out and drop them in and out of cold water quickly. I always have hot water heating so if I want I can take a bath or use it for whatever. Very convenient.

Dark Shadow enjoying a snowy day!

We have never been really snowed in. Ice has been on our road where we couldn't get out with lots of slipping and sliding, or get up the hill near us. But if we had to, I guess we could try. For myself though, I barely drive in the winter. Hey, I grew up in Florida so I never really liked winter driving! Just stay home and off the roads is best. 

Winter at Peaceful Forest

We really have beautiful seasons out here at Peaceful Forest. It is beautiful in all seasons so it is hard to say which is the best or my favorite. Winter is harder for my husband due to firewood work, cleaning the barn, getting hay, or snow shoveling. For me, summer is harder due to gardening, canning foods, cooking and heating water and trying to keep food cold when we don't have a refrigerator.  Hot weather is harder for me to handle as I have gotten older. So there are good and bad points of any season or weather. I do love growing the food myself and I need summer for that. We can eat it in the winter and remember those beautiful, hot days of summer.................. 

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