Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Canning Hopi Pale Grey Squash

Five Pints Of Hopi Pale Grey Squash

Two of three Hopi Pale Grey Squash I grew this year.

Cleaning out the seeds

Cut in 1" chunks, cover with water, boil two minutes

Put into hot sterilized canning jars, cap, 55 minutes in Pressure Canner

The finished product

Seeds for growing more Pale Grey Hopi Squash in the future!

In the garden

These must be cut into chunks and are not safe to puree or mash to can! Must be pressure canned!

Consult a canning book. I used Carla Emery's The Encyclopedia Of Country Living to can mine.

It may look like a lot of work for only five pints. I have many more butternut squash to can because they produced more. To me though, the Hopi Pale Grey squash will be special. For one thing, a member of Homesteading Today sent me the seeds free. Last year mine did not come up. This year they did, and I started them in the house, so I had special feelings for these particular plants. I have two pans of the seeds and look forward to many more Hopi Pale Grey Harvests in the future. These are very hard to come by and everyone that grows them loves them!

One more thing, you may add salt for flavor, I do not.

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