Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall In The Peaceful Forest Homestead Garden

Our raised beds are looking empty now!

For the most part, the garden should be finished. But just yesterday, I picked a container of cherry tomatoes and they are still going. They are the volunteer plants that came up in one bed and filled it with plants, that I did not plant. Now I usually would be out there pulling up the old dried plants that are left. But, I have butternut squash still coming up on some of the plants. The plants are dried up and look dead. But the squash is there and growing. So as long as it looks okay, I will leave the plants alone.

See how dried up the plant is?

I also have my rhubarb plant coming in like a spring crop, so I am hoping to harvest some of that. The stalks are turning red. Also have one more pumpkin coming in. I hope it turns orange soon. That will give me two that I have grown, and I will buy some more locally so I will can that too. Today I will be canning some of my butternut squash that I harvested a few weeks ago.

Gardening is different every year. That is why it is important to harvest as much as you can, and preserve it for the years when you don't get much of a harvest. Always prepare and you will never be sorry. I know people like to give away much of their harvest because they tire of eating it so much. But if they canned it, and two or three years from now used it, they would appreciate it once again. I know we love eating canned foods that we canned two or three years ago. It reminds us of that particular garden or summer. Kinda like a photo album in your mind.

Squash plants have new leaves coming from the stem now.

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