Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is Moving On Your Mind?

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All my regular readers here know that I am a "modern homesteader" now. But in my previous life, my husband and I lived in St. Petersburg, FL. There was a lot of crime in the city there at the time, and we saw a good share of it right from our little house on 2nd Avenue, N. We decided to make the move back to New York state. Back then the internet was nothing like it is today. We had to call around to find a moving truck, figure out on our own how big of a truck we needed, and then find out the cost. Driving or calling around from one company to another to try to find a good price and decent company. What a lot of work!

Now all that has changed with the internet and the way it has evolved. You can find movers quite easily by going to your computer and surfing the internet. There are many companies to choose from and that can be mind boggling to say the least. Some companies will only work in some areas of the country. So finding a company even online isn't as easy as it sounds. There are some good ones and the thing to do is to look for a decent company by checking their online presence. There is a website called that will do just that for you! I found that it has a moving quotes calculator right on one of their pages to make it easy for you. 

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If you are looking for movers in Tucson you would put your information in the calculator. It calculates from your current location to where you are moving to. Then the approximate amount of rooms you are moving and the date of your move. After you do that it will ask you to sign up with their site if you are not already a member of Now what I found really helpful about this site is that the guide that comes up will give you key factors in moving to Tucson. It told about employment in the area, the climate, the school system and the average rental costs.

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Moving to Phoenix, Arizona is a long move if you are moving from where I am clear on the other side of the country. Searching for a Phoenix moving company, I found so much more when the page information came up.  It not only gave you the pros of moving to Phoenix, but the cons as well! One of the facts I learned, was the fact that it is the warmest city in the US. I did not know that, and thought the cities farther south would be warmer. I guess building a city in a desert has some advantages.............but, not the fact that it can reach over 100 degrees for three consecutive months!

Another interesting fact I learned from this page about Phoenix, is that it would be great place to install solar. Which is what I live with here in New York state. I guess I knew that about living in Arizona.  Living there you'd need fewer panels that is for sure. But then it is also called the "brown cloud" due to all the air pollution. So those would be facts you might not know unless you check out this information when planning a move. There are many other cities available on and you may want to use it to research a city that you may be interested in moving to.

Always researching where you are going before you move there is a good idea. I know many people just want to move somewhere and will do hardly any research before moving. Some buy the property online without ever traveling to see it in person. So you get what you put into it. Look for an area that you will be compatible with. If you hate hot weather, do not move to a climate that is hot for more months of the year than you can stand. Looking for a moving company now, is so much easier than leafing through your local yellow pages!

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