Thursday, September 09, 2010

How To Set Up Television In Restaurants

This isn't what I usually blog about, but this was brought to my attention lately. And since I am involved in my own business, I thought touching on some business subjects now and then is appropriate for me. Having my own business has made it possible for me to be a full time homesteader, as well as a full time online businesswoman.

I was recently in our bank and they have added one of those business tv set-ups in the lobby. Now while you are standing in line you can watch television and be entertained. Not having a television at home I find it quite interesting. I haven't seen much television at all in eleven years since I have lived here. Though when my Mother was alive, I did watch with her about once a week. So since 2002, I have not been watching it hardly at all, unless I went to someone's house which is rare. I always say, I don't miss it. Then why do I pay attention to it in the bank?

Anyway, this is what I have discovered. If you are in a brick and mortar business, not just a bank, but even offices, laundromats, car repair shops' waiting rooms, restaurants (Yes! People LIKE to watch while they eat!! Especially people alone.). The commercial television could help your business by bringing business in to your establishment. Instead of sitting in a waiting room anywhere bored out of their mind or getting angry because it is taking you so long to wait on them or fix their car or whatever..............they could be watching television. Then they would not mind so much.

As I think about the options for setting up television in a restaurant it becomes clear to me that this would be the way to go. The dish business is big now for all businesses. But if you owned a restaurant or cafe, like the well known cyber cafes where you can be on the internet while eating or having coffee, your customers would be able to watch television while they eat their meals. It would bring in plenty of customers and the best part is that it would keep them there! They would be watching something and order more desserts, coffee, drinks, etc.

So don't rule out the television as being old fashioned quite yet. I mean my sister-in-law has one in her vehicle in the back seat. She likes it for her grandkids. That just shows you that it is now an option when you purchase a vehicle. Another thing about setting up a television in restaurants is that it is something you can have to occupy children waiting for their meals. Instead of the kids getting cranky and loud, and annoying all the other customers, now they will have something to occupy them.

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