Saturday, January 01, 2011

Frugal Skills Needed For 2011!

Gardening should be #1 thing for everybody to do in 2011!

One of the things I have been concerned about is that I think food is going up. Every time you go to the store you see the prices rising. Maybe the Social Security Administration doesn't see it, but everything in the store has gone up since 2008. They say it hasn't. Wonder where those people shop? I'd like to go there!

Livestock feed has risen quite a bit and so has the fuel prices including diesel. You know what that means don't you? It means that we will be paying substantially more at the check-out counter. So the time to implement your frugal skills at buying food is right now! Better get a start on it. Here are some ideas I have, of course everyone who reads my blog know that I buy meat in bulk and can it. And that I have a garden and do the same with my harvest. Now is the time to talk about other ways to save.

Everyone keeps telling me about the Angel Food Ministries  and I studied it. I looked at the menus and I am sorry but they just don't offer enough food for the price. Most of it is breaded or processed but I see they are offering more of the meat than they used to. My husband is a big eater, not fat mind you, just a big eater and he does a lot of physical work. No way can a one l.5 lb. roast feed us. Maybe in an emergency. But not for a good meal with more than one helping and giving us some leftovers for the next day.

Same with coupons. Coupons usually are not for the foods I use. Most of the stores in my area have signs up saying they will not accept them if they are printed out on your computer. They need to be the ones you cut out of the papers and magazines. I could use some for condiments and pet foods. But I am working on a good grocery budget that does not use them unless I happen upon one that I really use. Some of the stores of the discount grocery stores do not accept coupons. So making your own condiments, bread and dry mixes, such as baking mix, pudding mix and hot cocoa mixes is another big savings at the store. Of course, we don't use any of the high carb foods or anything with sugar, white flour or processed so that is a big saving right there.

If you go to the store and see meat on sale. That is when you buy it. Buy a quantity. Bring it home and freeze it if you must, I can mine. Try to find things on sale as much as possible. Make a network of friends in your area who shop to save money. Maybe you can go into together on larger quantities of foods. Buy from a  co-op or local farmers. I shop at my local Mennonite market. Nothing is boxed in fancy boxes. Just plain bags of oatmeal, cream of wheat, brown sugar, etc. You can get a lot of stuff in these stores.

I like to shop at a restaurant supply store near me. They have some of the best deals on all sorts of things. What I usually buy is the meat, produce and some of those large cans of tomato products which I can into pint jars. The brand I purchase is one that has no sugar and nothing but tomatoes. I can't find that everywhere. Since two years in a row my tomato crop was hit with the Late Blight, I have to buy them. But they also have great deals on paper items, such as paper towels that go in rest rooms. I like them for a variety of things. Plastic garbage bags, is another thing I found I could buy a box of them that will last almost forever. Our landfill will only allow clear bags and they are getting harder to find lately. Otherwise I would not be purchasing plastic if I can help it.

Tomorrow I am making a spread sheet and keep track of every penny I spend. I just need a picture of where it is going. Easier to track the groceries this way and to see what we can knock off the list. Anything we can make at home cheaper and better tasting will also be a plus, and a significant savings. What about you? Are you trying to save money on food and household supplies this year? What ideas do you have? Gardening will be the number one way people can cut back but many won't. Even people in the country with huge yards. I see them out there mowing the lawn, but no garden. Wonder why?

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