Thursday, January 20, 2011

Homesteading Websites Need Traffic Too!

As many of my regular readers and followers of this blog already know, I have been writing a few reviews here and there that I am paid for. Not that many because most of the products or services they ask me to review would not be appropriate for a homesteading blog...........even a modern homesteading blog! I turned one down this week that was for artificial turf. Now can you imagine me writing the benefits of installing artificial turf.......fake grass in your yard? I wonder how my horses would feel about that?

I have one advertiser on the side of this blog that does sell homesteading products. He contacted me to put his little ad on the side and I am quite happy with it. He sells products that fit. That makes a big difference! I am going to try to find other websites that may want a link on my blog to sell homesteading products too. Like if you make soap, candles, have an eBay store selling homesteading type tools, fiber, even finished products like needlework items that you might be selling on etsy, Bonanza or eBay or your own site.

So I am offering a way to bring some of my traffic to your site. If you are paying for pay per click or any other type of search engine optimization, you may already know that by putting your link on other sites increases your traffic. I would also be pleased to introduce you to other bloggers in this niche. Just about any blogger would be pleased to make a little bit of money from their blogs. I am sure you would be pleased too, to get more traffic to your products or services. Blogs too, if you just want to increase your traffic to your blog, I am open to those types of ads also. If you have a farm or homestead website or blog, placing a small ad on my blog could help. I mean, I really work on this blogging and networking business. As you may have noticed I try to write new post often.

If you are looking to get someone to write a post about your products or a certain product, I can do that also. I would write a post that would contain links to your site. Plus I promote all my posts on Facebook and Twitter and even on other blogs and most important, The Blogfrog. I am sure you would get increased traffic. I am not talking big money here. So contact me and see what we can work out.

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