Thursday, February 17, 2011

Criticism In Your Family

One tree stands out from the crowd

Sometimes I find people are too critical of others. You just have to sit and be quiet about it while they talk so as not to start big arguments. It makes your life easier. Even though sometimes it has turned your feelings for that person, and you can never go back to the way you felt before. It is sad. But it happens all the time. Sometimes a person in your life will do one thing that causes you to lose respect for them. Once that happens, again your feelings are never the same toward that person again.

Be it a spouse, a sibling or even a parent. I hate when it happens, but you can't change the new feelings you have for that person again. It is just done. As much as you love someone, sometimes they do something that really affects your relationship for life. I find as you are older, you may not accept those things they used to do as easily. Maybe it is because you feel life is too short to spend listening to someone criticizing someone else in your life that you love.

I guess that is why there is so much fighting within countries, religions, politics, etc. It can go and on. Why do people get mad if someone doesn't agree with them or do things they way they do them? Just let it go. I don't care if someone agrees with me or not. They can go their own way, but leave me alone. The thing that always gets to me is when they talk about me or my husband or son or our lifestyle among others who know us. I never told them to live the way I do. I never told them they have to love my husband and son as much as I do. They have their own life. And I have mine.

That said, makes me look at other families and think how come they are so happy? How come their families are normal? What happened to mine? What it brings home to me, is even in your family, everyone is just people. Everyone is individuals. Some you will like. Some you will not. Some you will love as a child and grow up to find out they are not on that pedestal you placed them on. You will be disappointed many times by people you have looked up to in your life.

I try to have high standards myself. I will not steal. I will lie. I will not dishonor anyone if I can help it. I try to be respectful of all. I will always be kind and compassionate to others. And I will always love and care for my animals the best I can. And I will not apologize to anyone for any of it.

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