Saturday, February 26, 2011

Homesteading As A Way Of Life

When a person, or people, as in a couple or a family, decides once and for all, they are going to move to a piece of property. Build or buy a home and become modern homesteaders.......their life has changed. Even if they never move, just dream about and obsess about it..........they will never go back to the other lifestyle again. They will read the books and magazines. They will go to homesteaders' forums, homesteaders' blogs and attend homesteaders' get-togethers.

All of a sudden, they are talking about Jackie Clay and Carla Emery. They are subscribing to Backwoods Home Magazine, Countryside and Mother Earth News or any other magazines they can find. All of a sudden, solar and wind power are subjects being talked about during supper. Saving seeds and making bread is now a big part of their life. They are going out on the week-ends to garage sales and thrift stores hunting for butter churns, grain grinders and canning jars.

Family members and friends are saying, "Why would you want to do this? You can buy everything you need right at Walmart." Your girlfriends look at each other when they think you are not looking. They exchange that look that says, "it's a phase she's going through." Then when you don't get over it. Instead you move to your land. You build your house. Your gardens become bigger and bigger every year. Your pantry is full of home canned and dehydrated foods. Your family and friends are complaining about the cost of everything. Yet, you are becoming more and more self-sufficient and prepared for most any emergency.

They come from the city to visit. At first they may think of it as a novelty. As time goes by you start hearing statements such as, "How lucky you are!" "Solar really works?" "You grew all this food yourself?"  Pretty soon their spouses are talking to you too. They are asking questions and whining about how they can't do this. "You are just so lucky!" Luck had nothing to do with. You worked hard to get this property and build your house. Every morning when you get up, there is work to do. Could they do it? Probably not. It is not a lifestyle for everyone. Sometimes, especially in the long hard winters, it can be a test for even you, who loves it so much.

Is it worth it? In a split second, I say yes. It is worth it. I don't care what anyone says, living in your own off-the-grid homestead is definitely a different way of life. But a great way of life. That is why it is so much fun to share it with others who share those same ideas and lifestyle. We tend to make friends with each other because we understand each other.

I belong to a NY Homesteading forum. We are a pretty close group. Live close enough to each other to share or barter with each other. To learn from each other. Are all our homesteads exactly the same? Not even one of them. Having others to talk to who understand us really helps in tough or difficult times. Having others to ask questions of how to do something is a big help.

What about you? Are you thinking about becoming more self-sufficient? Why? Are the prices of every day things starting to scare you? Are you worried about what lies ahead? If you are thinking about changing your lifestyle to become a modern homesteader, read some of my older posts. Then keep coming back. It's a whole new world now and our homesteading lifestyle is fast becoming the only choice for most people living in these times. It is a choice to make now!

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