Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Nature Of Horses

Enjoying A Beautiful Day!

This morning at our Peaceful Forest Homestead we woke up to -2 degrees. But NO SNOW! Usually if we have no snow it means cold temperatures. So -2 isn't that bad. One of the members of Homesteading Today who lives in North Dakota wrote how bad the winter was where she was. It sounded bad. So I am not going to complain!

I was able to leave for awhile and run to the store. It was such a pretty drive through the forest to town. I regretted that I did not bring my camera! There were more than a few areas where the wind over the last few days had knocked trees down and broke branches off.

Dark Shadow & Georgie Girl

I went outside to take pictures of the snow banks for tomorrow's Wordless Wednesday post and ended up taking these little girls' pictures. They were so cute and so interested in what I was doing. Ever since our neighbor Charlie has been riding by on the week-ends with his horses, they are VERY attentive to anything doing on the road! After all, his horses are geldings. Good thing they aren't stallions. I have a feeling these girls are going into heat soon if they aren't already.

Tawny hanging out in her spot in the sun!

Tawny has been banned from the barn for some reason. Why, I have no idea. As soon as the weather gets warmer, I am hoping to bring her back into it with the other girls. Dark Shadow is NOT the boss mare. But she really pushes Tawny around. I am going to find a way to stop that. If I yell at her about it from on the deck, Georgie Girl, who IS the boss mare, will stop whatever she is doing and go to where Dark Shadow is. Then she pushes Dark Shadow out of there and away from Tawny. She does things like that quite often. 

Dark Shadow

Dark Shadow is a Thoroughbred, though she has a bigger body, almost like a Quarter horse does. She is very aggressive, but the reason is that she was sort of neglected at the farm we got her from. For some reason they did not start training her for the track as they did all the others, including Georgie Girl. So she formed attachments to other horses and then they were separated. Over and over. So by the time we met her, she was like a stallion. In fact, she was harder to handle than the two stallions were. It wasn't long before she formed an attachment to my husband. She is a good girl, just needs some attention and work, which she doesn't get much of during the hard days of winter.

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