Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paths Need To Be Kept Clear In Winter


I get tired of talking about cold weather and snow. Then summer comes and all anyone does is to talk about how they hate the heat.......that is everyone but my husband. He loves it and even when we lived in St. Petersburg, FL he would be outside working on our house and yard and never complain. The neighbor lady used to worry about him and would bring him lemonade to make sure he drank something. She didn't have to worry, he always drinks a lot of water.

Path To Barn, Manure Pile & Forest

Our paths have to be kept shoveled out or they get icy and hard to walk on. I would have lots of trouble going down them if that happened. So my husband keeps them clear even if he has to shovel all day. The path going out to the manure pile has to be clear for the wheel barrow. He cleans the barn daily, and never lets it build up. That is when it can become a nightmare. There are some people who don't clean their animals' barns or sheds every day. Then when it comes time to clean it............nobody wants to do it. Poor animals!

Another Path To Barn, Driveway, Mailbox & Pump

We also have to have a path to the water pump which isn't far from the door of the house. Then onto the barn, the drive-way, the mailbox. That is a lot of shoveling! Not to mention the path to the propane tanks in case the fuel company comes to deliver propane. Then the path goes on to the satellite so that if it snows it can be cleaned off. The front path also goes to the generator where my husband fills it with gas and checks it for maintenance. That needs to be easy to get to daily. No matter what the weather is. Hopefully, winter is on the way out!

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