Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Serena's Serenity by Lisa B. Moravek

Serena's Serenity is a Christian novel written by Lisa B. Moravek. Nobody asked me or paid me to write this review. I wrote it because I bought and read the book. And it is written by my niece, Lisa B. Moravek. She is a very talented writer, an awesome wife, mother and musician......and a very beautiful person inside and out. Can you tell I think very highly of her? I wanted to get her book out to the public and especially to my homesteading friends who are also home schoolers and stay at home mothers and will identify with the family in this Christian novel. 

It is the story of a young married couple surviving an accident in their home that killed their oldest daughter. To put that behind them and get started on a new life, they send their twin daughters to live with Serena's parents in another state. Serena, who was a stay at home mother now must take a job caring for twin daughters of a higher class family. While she weeps for her own daughter and misses her own twins she must do what she can to keep her job and win the mother over.

This story tells all the heartache a mother feels for having her family torn apart by tragedy and trying to put it back together again. The fellowship and love she receives from the people she meets at the church she and her husband, Carl attend. The feelings of discontent being around other people who don't seem to recognize the sadness within her.

Serena and Carl are able to return to her home state near her parents and are able to be reunited with their daughters. From living in a hotel to going to New York City for a piano competition, this story takes you into the lives of a real family and the hope and faith that sees them through the bad times. I hope you will enjoy this book and let Lisa know what you though of it. Her blog is at Lisa Moravek and is new, so stop and show her some love. You can tell her you know me!

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