Thursday, February 03, 2011

Small Town USA - Oxford, NY

The little town of Oxford, NY is about six miles from our house. We go there many times a week for quick errands. It is a small country town. Surrounded by farms. So to say it is a farm town is an understatement.

The grocery store that we used to have went out of business, and I have missed that store immensely. It has been replaced by a Dollar General. I appreciate them and they are cheaper. But I still miss running to a real grocery store to get fresh meat or produce. Now I have to go to Greene, which is 10 miles away, or to Norwich, which is 13 miles the other way. I know that is not very much farther, but Norwich is a bigger city and is busier. Greene's grocery store is pricey since it is the only one in town. Their meat is great! The produce is horrible. 

There are more than a few restaurants and places to pick up fast food. The convenience store, Nice N' Easy has been our choice for pizzas. They are very good and I like it since everyone there knows us. They are friendly. The other convenience store is almost right next door, but we don't go to that one much since it is in a spot that is harder to get out of into traffic. We have a Chinese and an Italian restaurant and a diner not to mention the bars.

There are a few bars in Oxford, though I cannot tell you much about them as I have not been in a bar in years. The one in the photo above opened up, and we thought we'd try it for dinner sometime as it is always crowded, but we have never made it yet. We are not much for going out to eat unless it is for breakfast. Maybe we should stop in and order some take out. 

Oxford Bridge

Canal Street Hardware is one of our favorite stores. It is the typical small town hardware store. The owner can often be found in the store waiting on customers, joking and discussing local happenings. As you browse the shelves you will find chimney parts, chainsaw chains, plumbing parts, granite ware pots, canning accessories, etc. as well as pitcher pump parts, among thousands of other things that you would find in any hardware store. Plus the items you would find in any typical feed store. We buy our horses' feed, as well as, accessories that are needed for their care and/or comfort..........feed and water buckets, muck forks, salt blocks, shavings, fly masks, mucking boots, etc. there.

Told you, it's a farm town!

Oxford has a high quality drug store, Bartles. It is the only drug store I have ever had the actual owner explain to me about how to use a prescription. The clerks are all very friendly, helpful and sincerely glad to see you. I would not consider going to any other drug store after having been a customer here. And Walmart is only about 3 miles down the road from Oxford. I like the small town businesses the best. What about you? Do you live in or near a small town? Do you have some favorite stores you shop regularly?

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