Saturday, February 12, 2011

Uncluttering By Eliminating Print Items

When was the last time you purchased a newspaper? Long time for me! I just do not buy them or even pick up our local Pennysaver any longer. Both of our local ones can be found online. To tell the truth though, I got tired of using our local Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin website. They have changed it so many times and it seems to be worse each time. I find all the news I want on the news link on Google. That works for me. I may check for an obituary now and then, but that is basically about all I do with their site.

I used to be obsessed with reading magazines. I guess you would have called me a magazineaholic! In my previous life, I bought all the fashion and decorating magazines. My ex-husband could never understand why our grocery bill was so huge. It was all the magazines I bought at the check out counter! I think they put them all there to tempt me. Then when I got into homesteading and living this life with my present husband, we bought all the homesteading magazines. But somewhere along the line, we were living the life and what they wrote in the magazines no longer applied to us. So I have stopped subscribing to all of them. They got out of hand with the price of subscriptions anyway. Mother Earth is the only one that is any longer affordable for us.

So where did I get this huge pile of magazines to take to the landfill? From the marketing companies that send us free subscriptions so we will read the ads they put in them for their advertisers! You don't even have to pay for them, they just need people who will accept them. Catalogs and magazines, neither of which I subscribe to, because I buy everything online without the use of a catalog. The only catalogs I like are the seed and gardening ones. I like to read them over and over.

I clean out the pile of junk mail, catalogs and magazines and then whew. another pile takes its place almost immediately. I was hoping that I'd be able to eliminate all that paper junk mail.

Books are still something I have a lot of. Obviously, since that is what I sell on Bonanza. I think books in print are going to be fading out more and more. Even though I love them! I like to stay up late reading my books. I never thought I'd get rid of my collection of over 400 music CDs either, but I have for the most part. Times change. Things change. People change. It's the way of the world I guess.

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