Thursday, February 10, 2011

Using A Cell Phone Instead Of Land Phones

I have started using a TracFone and I am not adept at using it quite yet, but will get the hang of it before long. My husband has been using mine too, when either of us go anywhere. He is researching what type of cell phone he wants because he needs to have mobile access to the internet. Since he has been designing the mobile capabilities for our website he wants to learn all he can about the user's end. After he gets his cell phone and I master using mine, we are planning on getting rid of our land phone. What is the sense of that expense? Our telephone company, Frontier will not bring DSL to our road even though the whole world seems to have it. They don't even offer dial-up service anymore, but we are probably one of their last dial-up customers left here in Chenango county. I have begged. I have written to the CEO of their company. I even believed President Obama when he said he'd make sure all rural areas would have DSL if he got elected. None of it did any good. Of course, I should have known better about the hopeful President's promise! 

Since we have the satellite for our internet now, it is time to get rid of the dial-up and the land phone. That way I figure, no one can call me unless I have given them my phone number. I know having a business might make that a little difficult. But I prefer to work with email anyway. That will cut our bills down by over fifty dollars a month. What a savings that will! 

So today, I am trying to change my email addresses at some places. The ones I am most afraid of changing are Paypal, Google and Amazon. I am changing them little by little. No drastic change all at once. I have had this same email address for years, since 2001 or before. So off I am to set up a special one on my business site for my personal emails. Maybe this way I can separate my business from my personal business. 

Hope you have a great homesteading day and enjoy the sunshine that we are FINALLY getting here today! Hear we are headed for the coldest day of the year tonight or tomorrow.......let's hope, not both.

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