Friday, February 11, 2011

Vegetables For A Low Carb Garden

Some of our raised beds

Planning my garden this year has been a big project. I am being more careful about what plants I choose to grow. Nothing that we are trying for the first time. I have to make sure that each and every bed is planned for optional space. We eat some vegetables more than others. Some we eat more simply because that is what we've got. I am taking more care this year in planning. Being in frigid cold temperatures presently helps me realize the areas I am sadly lacking.

How they look presently!

One of the plants I am planning on growing is stevia. I have tried to plant it before but my seeds didn't even start. So I want to get plants and put them in my beds. That is what I try to use for all our sweetening. I have some in liquid form and some in the packets. But I have been wanting to see how I can incorporate it by processing the plants myself.

Thoughts of growing lots of food this coming year!

The squash family has been growing good in our garden. Even the pumpkin, and this year we got two hopi pale gray squash. This coming year, I am hoping to get a bigger harvest of those plants. Growing these foods has been a Godsend to us. More kale and more green beans. I won't be growing my own tomatoes until I am sure the Late Blight is out of my area. Two years in a row has made me shy of putting all that time and work into tomatoes again this year. I will purchase mine locally. 

Most of our vegetables will be the low carb varieties. I am trying to stick to that way of eating and no sense tempting myself with fresh corn from the garden. I will be starting these plants next month in the house. Then I can get a jump on the gardening season. I usually only start tomatoes and some winter squash varieties. But last year I did so well by starting my zucchini and yellow squash too, that I had vegetables much sooner than I usually do. So this year I am even starting some of the cucumbers and other plants. And what I don't grow, or what I can't get a decent crop of, I will be buying and canning those for our winter meals for next year. 

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