Sunday, November 20, 2011

My New Kindle Fire - Thank You, Larry!

Yesterday my husband totally surprised me! I am still speechless...............

The mail carrier came and my son, Jeffrey went out and got the mail. He came walking in with two small boxes, and handed them to my husband. I asked who they were for. He said "Larry." I saw Amazon written on the outside of the box and figured he had ordered parts to something or new movies. But he looked at the box and then handed them to me. He said they were for me! Me???? I knew I hadn't ordered anything.

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I took the boxes and saw printed on the box "Kindle Fire" in big letters! I was so excited! He knew I was trying to save up my Swag Bucks to buy one. Just the night before when I went to bed, I was thinking how long it would take me to get enough Swag Bucks to buy one.

Doesn't look like much, does it?

I can't tell you too much about it yet. But you know me.............I will be writing more about it as I learn how to use it. But the one thing I can't believe is how my husband, Larry, and my son, Jeff, shared this secret all week and never said a word! Jeff is not the best secret keeper. They were both watching for the mail carrier to bring it, and Friday was the day it was supposed to arrive, and it did not. According to the tracking number, it had arrived at our post office, but was not delivered until the next day. They were both anxious. I loved it that they surprised me!

Enjoying learning my new Kindle Fire!

One thing we have been striving toward is changing our household over to all digital products as much as possible. I have sold off most of my music CDs and now will have my music stored on my Cloud storage on Amazon. I buy just about everything there already. If you buy mp3 music from Amazon though, it does not use any of your 5 G of storage on the cloud......another incentive to shop there. Smart Amazon!

Searching for books on Amazon!

Since my husband bought it on his Amazon account, it was automatically registered as Larry's Kindle. This morning he deregistered it, and I registered it as mine. So I am waiting for the change over at the moment. One big reason for me wanting one so bad is that since we generate our own electricity, and some nights, especially in the winter (when there is not much sunshine), I cannot read at night because we cannot spare the extra power for the lights. This way I can sit and read on my Kindle Fire...........which I did last night! I downloaded a free book that was written in 1909, which was about a homesteading family. It was a story and a cookbook in one. I loved reading it on my new Kindle Fire!

The cover for my Kindle Fire!

I'll be on my Kindle Fire today............

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