Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DIY Rear Lift For Older Dogs Going Up Stairs

Nikita loves laying in snow!

We had been having some issues with our dog, Nikita, as she ages. She is now thirteen and except for her weight issue, seems to be healthy. She has always been very picky about her food. I have tried to feed her the raw food diet, which consists of meat and raw bones. She loves both and it is her choice over all other. I have to work on her to get her to eat dog food. Another food she loves is cat food, and that is something she has been eating right along. I think it may have contributed to her gaining so much weight. She steals it when no one is looking. Now she has been on a diet and has not had any cat food, or any greasy meats. She has been doing good on it and looks like she has lost some weight already.

Nikita Could Not Get Up These Stairs

A couple weeks ago, she went outside and could not get back up the stairs. So my husband had to build a ramp out of whatever he had on hand. The ramp came out pretty good and I like it for myself. At first, Nikita would not use it. She was nervous about it and would not go on it. He got mad and went out to our little graveyard to dig a grave for her. He said if she can't come in the house, we cannot leave her outside.

The New Ramp!

I saw him take the shovel and pick and head out there. But I said to myself, "Oh no, it is not time for that. She is not that bad off." I headed to my computer. Started searching for a way to get her up the stairs. This is what I found for helping a dog go up the stairs.......the Walkin' Support Sling (This is a different one than the original one I found that day. It seems that particular one has been discontinued.). I needed something that day though, not something I had to order and wait for. So that was out. Besides, I don't think she'd have accepted the original one I had found because it had loops around each separate leg. I know my dog. She is VERY particular about things. This newer style one she would have used with no problems.

The Ramp Has Asphalt Roofing On Surface.

Then I found these answers on Yahoo Answers:

"They do make slings which fit under the dogs belly both front and back. then with his size you would need 2 people to lift and carry up the stairs. This works well for large size dogs. It just lifts his feet up and off you go and he can walk if he is able while you are supporting most of his weight. i would not use right after eating or drinking. Available in large pet stores. Good luck, I have been there also."

"Now use a beach towel looped under the tuck up (where the hind legs meet the body. and support the rear, this will help."

Stairs Are Not Easy For Us!

I took a big towel and went out to the barn where Nikita was laying. I told her I found the answer and she got up and seemed excited. I put the towel around her, in front of the back legs and walked her to the back stairs. I called Jeff (my son) to come help. He and I worked together and she was able to go right up the stairs. She was so happy to get back in the house! Then Jeff went out to the graveyard and told Larry. He was happy too as he did not want to lose our little girl yet. Nikita is a big part of our life and taking the stress off her about going up and down the stairs once she learned to use the ramp made her indeed, a very happy girl.

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