Saturday, December 10, 2011

Start Homesteading

Chainsaws are essential to our homestead life!

Learning how to live your life as self-sufficient as possible in this crazy world is not easy. So many people write to me and say they are stuck in the city. Stuck in a job. Stuck in a relationship with someone who does not want to live this way at all. I mean, some people have no desire to take on this life. Especially if they have never been exposed to it at all. If you are wanting to get started though, there are ways to do that without moving or divorcing your spouse and children.

The heart of our homestead!

Do you believe you must buy a home in the country to start the homesteading lifestyle? No! Absolutely not! I have met many homesteaders who live right dab in the middle of the city. Two blogging and homesteading friends who are currently urban homesteaders, thirtyfivebyninety and Viggie Veggies do an awesome job of homesteading in the city. As long as you have some kind of a backyard that you can plant a garden in, you should be able to get started. Starting small is always the best way anyway.

Our food supply at Peaceful Forest!

I have written about beginning homesteading skills many times on this blog.  Learn Your Homesteading Skills Slowly, is one. But I still see when I go to my favorite homesteading forum that many "wannabees" do not, or think they cannot, start until they buy their property. That is not the way to do it. You must start now, wherever you are, whatever situation you are in. Learn and research. Discover exactly how you want to live. You do not need to live like the Nearings or Jackie Clay. Pick your own road. It is your homesteading journey, this is My Homesteading Journey!

Canning my garden produce every year builds our food supply!

With the internet you can learn all the skills you need very easily. Put the term in the search engine and find your directions. What could be easier? So many things I do now, I had never done before. You sharpen your skills the more you do them. So get started!

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