Monday, December 26, 2011

A Very Special Christmas

Michael Dran and Robert Lupole, Christmas Day!

Christmas was the best I have had in a long time! Spending the day with my awesome father at my father-in-law's house was so wonderful. I will stash that memory away forever! The holidays have not been very good for either of our fathers, since they lost their lifetime partners, their wives and our mothers. But I think they quite enjoyed the day yesterday. Especially when my FIL, asked my father, "How are you, old man?" Snickering, since my father at 92, is six months older than himself!

BIL, Ken Lupole keeping an eye on the chili!

 My FIL is well known for making his secret family recipe for chili, which he used to make every Christmas. In fact, this year is the first year he actually took part in planning the day, since my MIL had died. Ken, my BIL decorated the house a bit, and had the table set when we all arrived. My husband had made two Bread Puddings, one to leave at home for my son, and one to take with us. He used to make it for his mother, because she thought his was always better than the ones she made. It turned out very good, and everyone was remembering his grandmother, who used to make it years ago.

We have enjoyed many family dinners here!

We arrived first, after picking up my father and stepson, Jeffrey. Yes, our sons have the same name. My son stayed home to keep an eye on the homestead, our critters, and keeping the wood stoves going. Soon my sister-in-law, Pat, and her husband, Tim, came in with their arms full of packages and food. They were surprised to see we had brought guests! The more the merrier!

My stepson, Jeffrey Lupole

We hadn't seen too much of my stepson, Jeffrey, as he was working out of town the last couple of years. My husband's day was complete by having him join us. I noticed he was smiling all day! So it was a simple celebration, but a very meaningful one for all of us. Catching up on each other's news and spending a day together, as we remembered our family members who are no longer with us.......our mothers, Hazel Dran, Lucille Lupole, brother, Jack Lupole, daughter, Hollie Sunshine Lupole Fletcher. What a day we had!

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