Wednesday, February 08, 2012

First Time Gardeners

Producing Our Own Food!

If you are thinking of planting a garden for the first time this year, I say, "Congratulations to you!" This is the best step anyone can make toward self-sufficiency, self-reliance, independence, frugal living and most important, surviving. My father has always had a garden, and as a child I always remember those special salads he made with fresh lettuce and a homemade bacon dressing. Mmmm! It was so good! Make memories with your children!

Digging in the dirt is part of it!

I hope you are not one of those people who say they are scared to dig in the dirt because of bugs or worms. Not all bugs are bad and worms are never bad. In fact, I love to see the worms in my garden. Unfortunately, so do the birds! Next month my robins will return and will be digging in my garden for their special treat of worms. I don't begrudge them their meal as I have plenty of worms, and they do a good job at keeping most insects off my plants.

Heirloom Seeds

If this is your first year of planning a garden, here are some quick things to keep in mind:

  • Do not make your garden too big, if it is your first one.
  • Plant what your family likes to eat.
  • If you must try something new, limit it to one or two types of plants each year. 
  • Buy seeds meant to grow in your climate.
  • If you have children, include them in the whole gardening process.
  • Do not panic or get overwhelmed by the garden. Enjoy it!
  • If you have limited area for your garden, use containers instead.
  • Do not get jealous of other gardens. Do your best with a small one at first.
  • To make watering easy, put some containers around the garden, so they fill up when it rains. 
  • If you need compost, contact a local horse stable or farm and ask for it.

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