Monday, February 27, 2012

McDonough General Store Closing

When we moved here to our homestead in 1999, we quickly discovered the local stores and businesses. We especially liked becoming customers at the smaller local stores, where the owner was many times, the person ringing you out at the cash register. Making small talk with each customer helped them identify the buying habits of each person. Big stores are not usually able to give that kind of service. You may get to know a cashier, but  not the owner. Before too long, the cashier you knew is gone, the next time you come in.

We are fortunate that in our rural area, we had many so called "mom and pop" stores and businesses. Our local drugstore offers such personable service that I have never, ever received in any drugstore in my life. Talk about awesome customer service! The owner is one of the pharmacists and even if he is not the one filling your prescription, he will come over to you and welcome you and see if you have any questions about the prescription.

Within a short distance of our home, are two small town hardware stores. One is so small town, that they do not take debit or credit cards. Doesn't stop anyone from shopping there. Both of our hardware stores offer a big selection of canning supplies, cast iron and graniteware cookware. One of the hardware stores also sells animal feed and that is where we purchase our horse feed and shaving bales for bedding.

These small stores must compete with the larger so called box stores in nearby areas. A little over thirty miles in either direction are cities with shopping malls and all the well known stores. Within 12 miles is a larger Walmart, Lowes and Tractor Supply. So you can see what these stores are up against. I must confess to going to the larger ones often after comparing price.

So it with much sadness, that I tell that the McDonough General Store is closing. This Wednesday will be the last day it will be open as a store. The owners kept it going as long as possible. It was one of those of those true old time general stores, even with the coolers and lottery machine. For a small town such as McDonough, it was a wonder that the store lasted this long. Bowman Park is close by and in the summer many customers were camping there. We tried to shop there at least a month, because we knew they needed the business, and we really enjoyed going there. We will miss it.

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