Friday, February 03, 2012

Not Much Snow Yet In February

A Back View 

It is surprising that we don't have much snow yet. New York state usually has record amounts of snow by now. We are used to it. So today when we took our garbage to our land fill and recycling center, we drove on truck trail which goes through the forest. It was a sheet of thick ice. You could ice skate down the middle. Now I wouldn't have taken it if I was driving. There are a lot of sharp curves, and if you went off them you'd go down a steep bank. That would be too much excitement for me to drive on it. My husband though, drives it slow and calm, like its just normal. He can drive any road, in any weather.

No snow? In February?

At the top of the trail, this is the hay field without snow in February. I still can't believe it. It started out as a dreary day, but now our sun is shining. The sun is hitting our solar panels now. We already had our generator on. As soon as the panels are bringing in more power, the generator will be turned off. We may not have had much snow, but we still have had cold temperatures and sunless days. Too many to count!

My favorite tree along the way!

Of course, what this means is that if we don't have a lot of snow to melt off in spring. Then there is not as much mud. I am definitely not taking it for granted that we will not get any more snow. This is February after all, and February is usually our worse month of the year. I have a feeling some big snow storms will be on the way this month. If I am wrong, that is okay.

As you can see, the fields have no snow at all!

I put plastic milk bottles outside at night to freeze for our cooler. They have not frozen solid in weeks now. Even though it is cold, they are not freezing solid. They freeze a little bit but not enough. Today, I saw where there is some ice that fell off the roof and I am going to use that in the cooler instead. In winter, I never have to buy ice.

Hobo was napping when we got back!

 The building at the landfill was very cold. I felt sorry for Jessie, my husband's friend, and his coworker who work in that building all day. I was thinking about our cozy wood stove at home. When we got back from the landfill, which is only about five miles from our house, our cat, Hobo was sleeping in the chair in front of the wood stove. She knows where to go if she is cold!

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