Monday, February 20, 2012

NY Homesteading Group Meeting

Yesterday our NY Homesteading group, "Basics," met in Harpursville, NY, at Gramma's Country Cafe, for a luncheon and get together. We do this every so often. This is not a formal meeting or anything of the kind. Just a time to meet in person and touch base with each other. Our administrator, "boxwoods," was not present, as he has taken to fleeing the cold winter of NY, for the south in these recent years.

Our group includes homesteaders of various degrees and experience. Most of the them raise livestock for food and/or fiber, some do both. The talk around the table centered on such subjects as bees, eggs, fiber, goats and sheep, as well as other topics. Our group is made up of people who live in our area of NY state, and are living this life of "modern homesteading."

If we need to ask someone how to do something or where to get something, someone will usually have an answer. Sometimes you will get many different answers. We sell, barter, trade and give things to each other. As well as offer help in a variety of other ways. Friends with a common interest, we often cheer each other on, cry on their shoulders, laugh at ourselves, or each other, and value each other's knowledge.

It is pretty easy to start a group of homesteaders in your area. Our group is limited to NY, and to PA residents just over the border. We have a forum to talk together on and usually go there daily. This group started in 2007 and is still going strong. We keep it private so nobody can come on unless they are a member. That way our conversations are not broadcast all over the internet. Kind of like it that way.

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