Saturday, February 11, 2012

What Foods Should Be In Your Pantry

A little snow fell last night

As I was making my list this morning of the supplies I am getting low on, I realized that many people still do not prepare. They think they have time. Or they think nothing is going to happen. Well, it doesn't have to be the collapse of our country to be an emergency. It could be many different things, that would necessitate you not being able to leave your home for some reason. And possibly not having any electricity either. Try living for a week-end with your power turned off and see how you do. Plan it so that you, or anyone in your family, cannot leave your home during this test period. How do you think you will do?

Make meals from the foods you have stored. Now we will take a look at your food. I am not talking about your garden produce here. What are you missing? What don't you care for? Do not store foods you or your family members will not eat. Almost everyone I know stores rice and beans. We never eat rice and beans. I think it would get pretty depressing if we stored them, and had to eat them in an emergency. I like to make a bean soup, or baked beans, occasionally. Now when I am writing this, I realize there are some rice dishes we like, but I haven't made them in a long, long time. Rice pudding is one. Who doesn't love homemade rice pudding? Stir fry on top of a plate of rice is another. So I will put rice back on the list. Just not a lot of it.

Flour is one of the main foods that needs to be stocked. You can make an awful lot of food with that. Make sure you have some basic baking ingredients. Along with the flour, salt, baking soda and powder, powdered milk, yeast, oil, some vanilla extract and spices. Yes, you can make cookies, biscuits, cakes, pies, breads on a campfire or wood stove! Give the family some treats. That will help them to not whine so much. Or you can stock up on wheat berries and grind your own as you need it. That is really the best way to cook with flour.

Salt can be used for many things. Besides being needed in many baking recipes, it can also be used to preserve food. I suggest loading up on some, as you can store it forever.There has been talk of banning it in restaurants. Quite frankly, that worries me that eventually, it won't be available for the home either. I mean why do they pick on the restaurants, who are making recipes that need salt? When the food manufacturers load up processed foods with MSG and too much salt. Not to mention the other ingredients they stick in there. Next will it be sugar? Bacon? Or whatever they decide isn't good for us?

All of these ingredients are interchangeable, and will make other foods besides baked goods. It is possible to do all your cooking and baking right on an open fire, or even on a grill. So make sure you have other ways of cooking prepared for, if you cannot use your kitchen range. Take a look at your family's routine foods and try to build your supply from that. It is perfectly okay to have some store bought foods. I would go more for canned foods, than foods in boxes, because they will last longer. Once you build your supply up, use it in your every day meals. Believe me, you will be glad you did! 

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