Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Fast Internet Comes To Peaceful Forest!

The Hughes Inernet satellite installer worked about 3 hours here yesterday in the cold. He knew what he was doing that is for sure.....and he talked VERY fast. He is an independent contractor and has worked for both Wild Blue and Hughes Net. Now this is what he says.....that the site I contacted, is a reseller. A reseller doesn't care who gets the actual sale.....Hughes Net or Wild Blue. At least that is how I understand it. So when Wild Blue had no room for anyone else on their satellite the reseller contacts Hughes. He said he doesn't do anymore work for Wild Blue because Hughes in the last year and half has become so much superior. He said it is faster than Road Runner. He said the only thing that is bad about it is the fact that when you contact customer service you talk to reps in India. I can live with that.

Now our dial-up (Frontier) has been slower than most. Our phone wire coming down our road is ancient and they will not replace it because we are the only people who live full time on the road. We had to go buy a Linksys router at Walmart ($45.) and hooked it up and all three of our laptops went online last night. Fast! I could view my friends's photos of his snowstorm this morning immediately. No waiting. Another friend sent me photos in my email that was full of photos and I could open it up and photos were already there!!! Unheard of before with could tie my computer up for hours before or I'd just delete the email on the server's site to stop it from coming in.

The installer put a pole in our backyard and it is surrounded by trees. We have huge trees in our yard and surrounding us on all sides. He just faced it toward the southwest sky. Working right now in falling snow. Very husband is thrilled with it. Wants me to call and close one of the dial-up connections, one telephone line, internet call waiting and our unlisted number (since our number is all over the internet anyway due to our business and sites). We will keep one for the time being and see how it goes.

Had to pay $135. yesterday to install it because of the pole and you have to pay by check or cash. It is $59. a month unless we find we need a bigger package due to our business. My husband does a lot of music, video and web work so we will see how it does. I do mostly writing and photos so I think I will be okay. I hardly ever download a video or music myself. I think it will be good for us.


Mark Nighswonger said...

250mb goes pretty fast if you're streaming anything. I had to teach my mom not go to internet radio stations. My daughter's a megabyte magnet. After they get charged $5 for going over the limit a few times they get the hint!

katlupe said...

No, we don't do any streaming or listen to music either. Our internet is basically for business and for my writing and contacts like Facebook, The BlogFrog, Twitter, etc. Has been good for us so far. Now I'd like to work with video and that means getting that DSL in here, which is being brought to my area FINALLY! But when we go over our bandwidth they have never charged a fee, just slowed us down for the next 24 hours.