Saturday, September 01, 2012

Spammers Will Not Get A Link On My Blogs

A busy street is like Spam on the internet!

This post is for my fellow bloggers, are you getting a lot of spam in your comments?  I mean now the spammers have become enlightened in a way. They now actually read your blog post! Yes, they do! Then they try their best to write a comment based on what you wrote about. The only thing is that it doesn't sound sincere. Even more so, when they add their dirty little link to the comment, or try to include it in the comment, it makes it sound like if your readers will click it, then it will follow your blog post. Delete! Delete! Delete!

Spam in my inbox! Yuk!

Or how about in your "contact me" email inbox? Yes, that is where I am getting mine. These emails invite me to write for or ask me for help, and leave their link for me to contact them back. Only thing is their links contain a junk site, with the word, credit reports or online dating, or something else like that. I delete all of these emails. If anyone really wants to get in touch with me, I'd much rather they go through my Facebook page, or find me on Blogfrog at The Redhead Riter's Witty Community. I am always there.

Special message for spammers who send me spam!

Why they do this is to get you to click the link and they get credit for bringing you to their site or the site of their employers. It does not matter that you will not buy or join the site, just that they got you there. My new rule is that I do not click their links or allow their comments on my blogs. I delete them! I wish I could delete them from my life for good. But this is the best I can do.

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The Zany Housewife said...

Spammers for the most part, have left me alone.

That sign about the smoking/non smoking is cracking me up.


p.s. Hi...long time no yack. I've finally come out from under my Zany rock.