Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Updates From Peaceful Forest Homestead

I have badly neglected this blog. Not that I meant to. No, I have just had so many things taking me away from my writing. Even my other blogs were neglected. I am trying to remedy that. It seems like summer just started and it is already over with. Not that it bothers me. I am not one for hot weather anymore. It is too uncomfortable for me and I enjoy cooler temperatures. You will not hear me complaining when the weather changes this year. Besides cold weather is easier for me as far as cooking and cleaning goes. Hot water and hot food cooking on a wood stove is super simple compared to any other methods.

My treasured curio cabinet is now part of my everyday life!

This past spring and summer there were many changes on our homestead. Since we moved here, we hadn't done too much work on the inside. It was always the barn or the solar/wind system that came first. I was tired of that. Why should we always be last? So we made a few changes inside and what a difference it has been. I added colorful curtains and moved some pieces of furniture around. It made me feel happier and more content. I love bright colors and now every time I look around the room, I smile.

Cooking with electric now!

Another change we have made this year is increasing our power coming from the solar panels. We had to replace our lead acid batteries in our battery bank and I am so glad we did. The batteries we bought are Battle Born LiFePO4 lithium ion batteries and we could only get two at this time. Even with just two replacing the 24 lead acid battery bank, we have not run our generator since we installed them. Over 3 months now! Now maybe that doesn't sound so exciting, but it means that I can now cook with electric. Most people who know about off the grid systems will tell you that it can't be done. But we have done it. I figure I won't be doing it in the winter when it is pretty sunless around here, but I will be cooking on our wood stoves then. Life keeps going on here at Peaceful Forest Homestead and we just do the best we can each day.

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