Monday, October 08, 2018

The Flame of Love

Love is like a fire, if you do not stoke the fire,
the flame will go out. It needs tending, as love
will die without it. If it is not addressed daily,
it disappears. Taking it for granted, without a word,
never mentioning the L word, will kill it for sure.
Feeling unloved and insignificant is the most lost
feeling ever, so pay attention or you will feel that
way instead…...just a matter of time.

“I love you” is not that hard to say, though for some,
it seems to be. Showing love with little silly gifts,
cards, surprises, rides, meals shared, messages, phone
calls, just whatever you think of. Gets those love juices
flowing, into your heart and mind. Feeling love from
another fills you with love for them. It makes you feel
energized, positive, happy and joyful. It makes you thrilled
to just hear their voice or see them at your door.

Falling in love, that excited feeling you get at first,
may tend to fade, but instead will deepen. Deepens as
you learn every detail about your loved one. Learn what they
like and think. Put them first and they will do the same
with you. Never, ever take them for granted or expect them to know
…… know how you feel if you do not speak. Deep kisses speak
more than words, but words are needed as well. Just a piece of paper,
a note, a text message, with the words “I Love You” say more than
you will ever know.

Why is it so hard to keep your love alive? Why is it so hard to
say what you feel? After your love of your life has left, will you
speak then? It will be too late. One person will come along who
will speak those words. Will do those little things. They will
develop a lasting love that is strengthened by constant tending of
the flame of love. Strong vibes of love reaching the inner deep
spots of the heart. Fighting for love after it is gone is futile. There is none
left. It is gone on to another. Another who is not afraid to show love.
Not afraid to say or write those magic words. Doing all those little silly
things, and some not so silly. That is how love is.

Copyright © 2018 Kathleen G. Lupole
All Photographs Copyright © 2018  Kathleen G. Lupole

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