Saturday, June 19, 2010

Memories To Remember

Our three little girls grazing on the lawn.

Sharing memories with your spouse, your children, your parents, siblings and friends are the cornerstone of your relationships. Those memories are like a link back to times shared with each of them. A special time that you and each of those people remember. It is not limited to people though. I have many special memories spent with my animals too. I find that animals have even better memories than many people.

My husband, Larry and I traveled for a period of time in an over-the-road truck in 1995-97. We went all over the country. Shared this experience making memories that nobody else, but Larry has with me. Like the time we were snowed in at a truck stop with other truckers and travelers in the state of Washington. Or the time we were stuck without loads in Denver for three days, and we hung out with the other company drivers. Or the time we visited Elvis's house museum, Graceland in Memphis. Great memories!

The unique memories, inside jokes and past conversations is what gives you a relationship with anyone. Even if you meet someone for the first time on a a subway or share a table in a busy restaurant and later run into that have a connection. I have reconnected in this last year with my old friends from my schools in Crescent City and Flagler Beach, Florida. I share many unique memories with each of these friends. From riding the school bus together, swooning over the Beatles when they first appeared on the music scene, to hanging out in the hula huts along the pier on Flagler Beach or driving the famous Daytona Beach in a car full of friends. It was an instant reconnection as soon as we sent that first "add as a friend" request.

In a couple of weeks we will be going to our annual family reunion. It is the 30th year of the Lupole reunion. This year my husband will be videotaping it to preserve these precious memories. The memories of the oldest generation all the way to the newest generation. Memories in the making for sure! So we are planning ways to make this a family reunion remembered by making the videotape into a dvd memento for all.

You can create these special memories on purpose. Create those moments and family traditions that will live on. In my own family, my parents weren't into the holiday traditions so much since both of my parents worked. But when I had my son, I wanted him to have a traditional Christmas like in books and on television. So I created it. By the time my brother had his children, our family considered my home to be the place everyone went for Christmas dinner. His kids wouldn't have had a real Christmas if not for me. So I created memories for them all. And my own parents, as they got older, looked forward to Christmas at my house even though they had never done it themselves.

I will write more on memories in a future post.................but on ways to create some really awesome memories for your family and friends. Memories that your children can take with them!

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