Monday, July 19, 2010

Live Your Life NOW

Take time to smell the flowers!

I think I would be amiss with my readers this morning if I did not mention the passing my first husband and the father of my son. He passed away in the hospital on Friday. I can hardly believe he is gone. He was a big part of my life and my son's life for so long. My first husband and I were divorced in 1990. I do not want to mention the bad as I am not thinking about any of that anymore. That has been gone from my life for a very long time now. My whole life when I was married to him was completely different. I will admit here that he hurt me very deeply and it is something you hardly forget. But when I became a "born again" Christian I forgave him, not in person because I had not seen him in over 16 years or talked to him. But in my heart and in my prayers. I even prayed for him when he became sick. I never had the chance to see him in person, or I would have tried to get him to accept Jesus in his heart, though him being very Jewish, that would have been difficult.

When a life passes it causes you to reflect on your own life. Like I said, I lived a completely different life back then and I can say with total honesty that my life today is so much more fulfilling than back then. I am married to a wonderful man who treats me like I am the most beautiful, sexiest and smartest creature on this earth. He makes me feel so valued. Isn't value what we all want? For the people in our lives to value us and love us? My husband is very adept at many, many things, so for him to give me such votes of confidence is invaluable to me. I am glad he is not the kind of person who tries to tell me how to do something or to imply that his way is the only way. We all know people like that I am sure. I am not comparing him to my other "mistakes" as he would beat them by a million miles for sure!

In my eBook, My Homesteading Journey, I mentioned that I lived the life of luxury in the past and that is very true. I lived that life. But I found it very empty. It was void of real true happiness. Money does not make the people happy if they get up in the morning and they go to a job they do not like to go to. It does not make you happy if you get up in the morning and you look in the mirror and do not like who you see there. It does not make you contented and satisfied with your life if you are hurting others or telling lies to others to make yourself look more important.

Death makes you very aware that life is not really that long. My father at 91, and my father-in-law at 90 have lived long lives. My father though has a fuller more satisfying life. He is busy and has not stopped doing anything due to his age. Fixing his house, his car, mowing his lawn and having a big garden and even canning his crop keeps him very active. And he can discuss any subject as sharply as any eighteen year old. My father-in-law though, is just the opposite, and seems to have just stopped living, waiting for death to visit him.

I feel that you should try to live your life now the way you want and not wait to retire and then start living. Take a look at your life today, right now and evaluate it. Discover what it is you want to do in your life and find a way to do it now. You never know how long you have in this life. Putting it on hold for the future may mean you will never achieve what you want to do most. I cannot tell you how many people we know or knew that had retired, and then within a few months died suddenly. Never to realize those dreams. Start working on freeing yourself for that life as soon as possible.There are always ways to make your dreams happen if you just start now. Don't wait too long.
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