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katlupe's Bonanzle List Of Book Sellers!

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Bonanzle is a new site where you can list your products for sale. I love it even though my sales haven't really taken off yet. I figure it is summer and give it time. Mostly my products are my used books. I am only selling them because I have a lot of them. I explored Bonanzle's forum, and unlike eBay's discussion boards........the Bonanzle sellers are REALLY nice and helpful. They even............share their information with the other sellers. It was rare on eBay to see that happening.

Since I sell books I thought I would give some other booksellers a plug on this blog of mine. Here are some interesting ones I have found:

1. Jennifer's Series Books - She sells juvenile series books like Nancy Drew, Beveraly Gray, Trixie Belden, The Outdoor Girls and Judy Bolton and many, many more!

2. Pacesetter Eclectica - Her books are for collectors too. She has a big variety of books that you may be searching for. I saw a book or two in her booth that I had read eons ago. Take a peek!

3. Joangranite's Stuffed Closet - I viewed her books just yesterday! She had a variety of books about famous people or written by famous people.

4. Qwack! - She doesn't have a huge inventory of books but I bet if she gets more sales her inventory will increase. Low prices and some good choices. Maybe you'll see something to strike your fancy!

5. Autumn's Emporium - Autumn's selection of books is divided into categories. I set the link to go to the cookbooks but she has nonfiction and fiction available also. Goodness! She also has Needlework Pattern Books available! Be sure to check her out! Her prices are excellent.

6. Candisbooks' Booth - Candi has the book store I love to go to! Her selection is varied and her prices are excellent! Be sure to visit her store if you are book shopping this week-end!

7. Mahane Yehuda Books and Collectibles - A good variety of books with fair prices. Lots of good Jewish literature and topics. Take a peek!

8. Overbooked - She has a big variety of novels. Lots of historical which is what I like to read myself. And futuristic, fantasy and science fiction and many other kinds too. Her prices are really good. Go check her shop out right now!

9. Bookbin Etc. - Bookbin Etc. is a variety of what I term collector's books or books that may be hard to find. Maybe she has something you are looking for!

10. Little Roses - She has some awesome cookbooks! Just the kind my friends on Homesteading Today love! I hope you won't buy them all up before I have a chance to share her link with them. LOL

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