Thursday, August 26, 2010

Organizing The Modern Homestead

Elderberry plants earlier this month

This blogging network is huge. There are so many communities to join to network now that I can hardly keep up with it. Since I blog, I belong to more than a few. Then there are the networks I joined that are for people who sell online like on eBay or Bonanzle. After that of course, is Facebook, which my networks there are many: homesteaders, solar people, plant people, natural medicine people, classmates and friends from Crescent City, Fl, Flagler Beach, Fl and Harpursville,NY, business networks, on and get the idea. I also belong to a few homesteading forums, a herbal forum, myspace, linkedin, and some others. I haven't been finding the time to go to some of them much lately.

One of the things that is keeping me busy is trying to update my eBooks so I can put them for sale on Amazon's Kindle. I am updating by adding a lot more information and took all the photos out. The photos take up too much space and I think people would rather have more written information.

See the modern homestead lifestyle includes having to make a living also. So you are working almost constantly. I think organization is the key to that too. I am working on the automating of the homestead as well as my business life. Trying to make our life simple and easy. Working at home means when it is time to harvest a crop from your garden you can take the time to spend a few days doing that. You are not forced to go to a job and wish you were at home canning your vegetables. I know that feeling.

Tim Ferriss's book, The 4-Hour Workweek has many suggestions for changing your life to allow for all those things you have been wanting to do without necessarily becoming Donald Trump to do it. I had bought his book a few months back and then got busy and didn't start implementing those things into my life. Now I am re-reading it and studying the things I can do to improve our life here on our homestead. He has many tips for  not wasting time. His book and website gives you the idea of how you can live with the freedom of working only four hours a week to generate your income. And spend your time achieving your dreams! Now who wouldn't want to do that?

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