Sunday, August 08, 2010

Pitcher Water Pumps

Our pitcher pump - most important tool on a homestead!

I don't usually do two posts on my blog in one day. Then I remembered after I posted the earlier one that I forgot to tell my readers about our water pump breaking Friday evening. My husband went out to give the horses water and it broke. He usually can just reposition the thing in the pump but it was stripped and would not tighten. So that means we have to replace it. But that evening.........our horses were watching him to bring them their water...........I had no water in the house because I was washing dishes and had not replaced it yet. It was hot, and we were thirsty!

Luckily, we have another I am talking about pitcher pumps here. The kind people use for decoration? We use them for getting our water out of our hand dug well. If you use one, you should always keep a back up one and maybe some back up parts. The other thing you should do is keep a supply of water stored in bottles regardless of what kind of pump you use. I mean many bottles of water. I usually fill the green soda bottles and keep them in the root cellar. But at the moment, I did not have any because of the remodeling job we are doing and no where to store them.

A different kind of pitcher pump

This is the other pitcher pump we have. It was stored in our shed but we hadn't used it in a couple of years. You can hook a hose to it. That was why we bought it to begin with. To be able to pump water upstairs to a tank we were planning to put there for a gravity fed water system. Now things have changed and we aren't going to do that system that way. But we still have the pump and are using right now. It is much slower than the other one and harder to pump. We will replace the other one as soon as possible as this one is not easy to prime and is unusable in freezing weather. It is good for in the house or in a building. For now does the job!

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