Sunday, August 22, 2010

Too Much Stuff!

I posted a question on a bloggers' site asking people there that if you had to leave your house suddenly, and could only take 5 items - not people or pets, what would you take? If you have ever worked in a nursing home, it becomes apparent that many of the people who move there cannot bring all their stuff with them. Usually they have to share a room with one or two other people and share a tiny bit of closet space. All those things that seemed important to you at one time, now seem to lose that place in your life. If it is not something you can use on your own, it is highly unlikely you will be keeping it in your new home.

Many residents would move into their new room and have boxes of stuff. Soon enough the aides would go through those boxes and they, not you, actually make the decision on what goes and what stays. After all, they are the ones who will be taking care of you and that includes your stuff. Even your clothes get eliminated. Now I have no immediate plans, if ever, of moving into a nursing home, but it gets you to thinking about all that stuff you think is important.

My own mother never had to move into a nursing home permanently, when she finally was put in one, she died the very next day. I still to this day, believe she did something to cause that to happen once she found herself in that situation. She had told me once that if my father died before her, she knew how to cut off her breathing, and that is what she would do. Her death was due to her not breathing, and the nursing home said they did not have the right type of oxygen for her. So they rushed her to the hospital and it was too late. We took the life support off her. Didn't mean to wander off the subject.

I said I would take my computer, camera, Bible, my herbal and Peterson guide books and purse. All my photos will eventually be on my flashdrives that I use in my computer. Everything that used to take up much space has now become smaller and more compact. That is why I have been getting rid of so much stuff. Many of my books are now for sale on Bonanzle and I am not going to hang onto stuff anymore. It is just stuff. Doesn't mean that much to me or anyone else.

Maybe it is from my parents always moving and us having to leave behind our things that made me hang onto so much stuff over the years. But I have weaned myself of that now. Now I want everything clean and easy to care for. Organization to a clean, uncluttered house and life, is the real key to success. I am lucky that my husband is in complete agreement with me on this matter.

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