Friday, September 24, 2010

Back To Low Carbing!

Low Carbers enjoy their steaks!

 The last few months, well, specifically the whole summer I have not felt so good. When I went to bed at night, I couldn't lay down for a long time. I'd fall asleep sitting up in bed! Horrible feelings. Some nights I'd think I was having a heart attack. It was a very scary time. It was reminisce of December 2008 for me. During that time I felt exactly the same way! So I knew what to do.

Many low carb choices!

Twenty days ago I went back to shunning sugar and white flour products, eating only low carbs. The first week I do not know how much I lost since I was afraid to face the scale. In 2008, I started using Dr. Atkins Induction Diet and lost 12 pounds in the first week. That is a lot of weight for me to lose so quickly. I know it is water weight, but any other diet I ever used in the past never took off that much so fast. If I lost half a pound that was a milestone!

Cheese is a mainstay at 4 oz. per day!

One of the best things about eating low carbs is that within the first three days, you will not be hungry. Dr. Atkins tells you that in his book, and when you are reading it you will be thinking, "not me! I am always hungry and especially if I am trying to stick to a diet." If you follow it exactly though, he is right on with everything he tells you. The main reason you are not hungry is because you ARE eating! If you are hungry, eat more. And most important is to remember that if you think low carbs means no carbs that is NOT TRUE at all. You can eat all kinds of good carbs! Fill up! Eat until you are not hungry.

Cook up enough to snack on for the next few days!
If you love your family you will do your best to change them over to low carbs too. Why if we love our children do we feed them sugar? Sugar is the worse thing you can give anyone! In fact, in the old days they gave it to their enemies to put in their tea so they could overpower them! I did this also. It brings tears to my eyes when I see my own son putting so much sugar in his coffee every morning. I did this to him! I worry about him constantly. He laughs it off. I remember filling my freezer with ice cream sandwiches and him eating them whenever he pleased. Me filling my second refrigerator with bottles of coco cola. Me, buying his whatever sugary cereal, candy, cookies or ice cream he pleased. Going every Thursday night to Burger King.

Grow these yourself!

Not only is this way of eating good for you and your family, it is good for your budget. Yes! It is! I know when you think, "well now we will be buying expensive meats, cheeses and vegetables." Yes, but no more sugar laden white flour products. No more white breads. How much are they a loaf anyway? And exactly how many sandwiches do you have to eat to fill up? What about a steak and salad? No more potato chips or  bags of candy. But how about almonds? Walnuts? Strawberries? Blueberries? 

This man was way ahead of his time!

Just make sure you keep track of those carbs! For that I use Fit Day which is a journal of your food, your goals, your weight, your feeling journal, fitness journal, etc. It is free though they do have a paid version. I love it and have been using it for some time now. I am not an affiliate of them, just a happy user. So feel free to click through and sign up and start your low carb eating. They are not set up for low carbing though, but it is usable as long as you know that. For low carb information go to this site: Low Carb Eating, and this one Stella Style, Low Carb Friends and Hold The Toast

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