Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Making Omelets For Breakfast

Cheese Omelet & Toast

My husband's favorite breakfast is having an omelet. I love to make them for him because he appreciates them and they are so easy to make. Most recipes call for three eggs, I use four for his. I do not use a recipe but just mix everything up and pour into the pan, except for the cheese and whatever you are going to put inside the omelet.

Ingredients: eggs, cream, butter & cheese

Mixing eggs in blender.

Melting butter

Pouring blended ingredients in pan.

In pan and ready to cook on medium heat.

Pull egg toward center to let uncooked egg drain underneath..

Cheese on top

Cover pan and cook on very low.

Melted Cheese, now fold over.

Folded over with cheese dripping out.


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