Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Forest In Fall

Fall in upstate NY is colorful!

Each season in NY brings some kind of appreciation for whatever season it is. In fall, we have much work to do to prepare for the upcoming winter. But it is also a time of year to reflect on what was good and what was not. What needs changing and what is fine just the way it is. Sometimes you get in such a tizzy to get everything done in time for winter that you forget to savor those little moments along the way.

Elm leaves don't fall off until the new leaves start in spring.

Since moving out here in 1999, I have learned so much about the natural world. I have always had a love for trees, plants, flowers, the forest in general, creeks............I really LOVE creeks in the forest! The natural world can teach a person so much about life. If you study it and watch it with patience you will see so much that you would never see or learn anywhere else. It is awesome!

Oak leaves turn a dark brownish red in the fall.

Our forest around us is a mixture of different varieties of trees. Many maples, cherry elm, oak, poplar (also known as aspen), apple, birch, beech, and we have various evergreens everywhere. Especially white pine, hemlock, spruce, and more The cooling temperatures of fall bring on the changing colors of the leaves. Most people welcome the sign of cooler weather on the move. My husband does not. He really loves a hot summer and it would not bother him at all if that was the only kind of weather we had. For me though, fall has always been my favorite season, but each season is a welcomed change. They are all beautiful and have precious moments to share.......... if you just let yourself enjoy it. 

Patches trying to get my attention!

If you are lucky enough to live near a forest, then you know about the peacefulness of walking in a forest. Walking and enjoying the birds, the critters, the breeze blowing gently in the canopy of the trees above, etc. Nothing can ever quiet my soul as much as the forest. There is nothing to compare it to. I have lived on the beach, in mountains, along river banks, and there is no place like living in a forest. The forest gives you life!

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