Friday, November 26, 2010

Flashlights On The Homestead

Living with solar power in New York is not real easy at this time of year. It gets dark so early that our panels barely have enough time to charge our batteries. That wouldn't be so bad if our weather was bright and sunny all day but that is not the case here in New York state. So we use kerosene lamps in the evening and flashlights too. The kind of flashlights we like are the wind up type. I have seen reviews for them on Amazon where people have complained they are not bright enough. This review is for the Dynamo flashlight which is the exact same one I use. I have used these for many years now, if they get broke or lost, we just replace them.

When people complain about them not being bright enough, I think the problem is they are turning it on in a lit room. If you use them in the dark, they can be very bright. Of course you have to wind them. The more you wind them the brighter they are. That is how they are charged. I have no problem with them. My husband uses them going outside in the dark to give our horses their night hay. He has to go into the barn and then goes out in our paddock leaving piles of hay in various places. So they can graze. The flashlight works well for that.

It has two settings, so you have one LED bulb on, or all three for really bright lighting. I use mine in the evening mostly. But I can use it downstairs in my root cellar in the daytime, when it is dark down there. You just wind it up, and it'll stay lit for awhile. I am not sure how much they cost as my husband bought it as a gift for me and I didn't ask him the cost. It is a good way to not have to buy batteries all the time. Plus you have a flashlight that will always work. Good item for your BOB!

Oh, by the way, this is NOT a paid for review in any form. No free flashlight (darn!). Just a very happy customer! If you click my link on it I will make a small commission for you going there and purchasing it. A few cents, not the price of the flashlight, which I believe is $6.94 at this time. 

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